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Thank you for visiting Wagtastic Pet Stuff. Here at Wagtastic Pet Stuff our mission is to provide a fast, user friendly and customer service oriented online shopping experience. Through our years of industry experience, we have gone great lengths to offer the best quality dog harnesses to our customers at affordable prices as we know our customers will always be the key to our success.

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Pet Harnesses and Clothing Apparel in Many Styles for Your Furry Family Member

Here at Wagtastic Pet Stuff you will find the best dog harnesses that have many safety benefits that many pet owners can appreciate to keep your pets safe. You can find a large selection of top-quality dog harnesses in many different styles to suit your needs. You can find soft mesh harnesses that have a layer of padding in the chest area so your dog can stay comfortable. We also have step-in harnesses that are quick and easy to put on.

We have many comfortable harnesses that will make your walks with your pup a more pleasant experience. Our dog harnesses are easy to put on and allow your dog comfort a traditional collar cannot. Our harnesses come in many different colors and designs that best speak to you and your pup's tastes. We even have holiday dog harnesses to get your dog in a festive mood.

Along with all the options we carry for harnesses we also have clothing options to keep your 4-legged family member stylish. No reason to look anywhere else we have it all. We feature Pro and collegiate products to help support your favorite team with pride on game day and year-round.

We also carry the essentials you need such as leashes, collars, bedding, strollers, water and vehicle safety as well as anxiety relief items. Many of our items are American made as you will see when shopping here at Wagtastic Pet Stuff.

Having fun and keeping our pets safe is our number one mission at Wagtastic. After all, they are not just our pets, they are our family.

Find a variety of quality dog harnesses at Wagtastic Pet Stuff


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